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We Found the Soulful Couple of October

Having role models and guides along the path are always helpful. Who are yours regarding healthy relationships? Let’s shed some light on the ways couples manifest loving and sacred relationships. We included more than twenty couples in our book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage. Some of them are pictured […]

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How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship The other day in my counseling office, a couple shared how guarded they have been about letting love flow continually. They have spurts of really “good” periods, then suspicion or hurt creep in and the doors of their hearts slam shut. Drama […]

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5 Things NOT to Do

Here we are on our book tour for Secrets of a Soulful Marriage in Pennsylvania. Many couples are eager to discover how to create and sustain their sacred , loving relationship. We like to draw distinctions of what works and what doesn’t.   Some people have requested […]

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Space Between

Hello, do you have enough “space between?” Perhaps this is one of the secrets to a soulful and successful relationship. Mary and Ron have invited us into the intimacy of their Saturdays so we can glean their wisdom! Read their tender story, which appears in our upcoming book “Secrets of […]

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What are your plans for July 4?

As 4th of July is approaching,  I am thinking about you. Celebrating our freedom to love and be loved is such a joy, isn’t it? Do you have plans for the long weekend? I find myself creating new ideas for Jim and me to enjoy this holiday–and want to share some of […]

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Love doesn’t have to be perfect

Jim and I have focused on our relationship as a precious work of art. As with any art piece, imperfection is part of its beauty. Are you wondering how to make your relationship more beautiful and satisfying? Are you tired of looking past each other and not […]

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The Whole Story

The Whole Story by JIM SHARON on 6:37 PM in WHOLENESS With Whole Man Expo right around the corner, I want to discuss the word whole in a different way than I have in several previous blogs. A wordsmith at heart, I’m going to seriously, playfully dissect the word whole to colorfully flesh out aspects of its meaning. […]

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Caring Connection

As always, the January 8th Tucson shootings were met with great public outcries and outrage. Media coverage, speeches and large audiences flourished throughout the country. Then, in short order we went on with our lives, burying much of our pain and underlying concerns almost as quickly as those killed were laid to rest. I remain deeply disturbed by the violence that permeates our society. Therefore, I want to resurrect some of the issues frequently raised and add a few other perspectives, followed by a call to action.

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The Vital Realization

Today I want to reveal the essence of my work as a psychologist, life coach and retreat guide and to indicate my overarching goal with all of my clients.

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Celebrating Our Love

Standing amongst lush flowers overlooking the vast ocean expanse at The Garden of Eden Arboretum on the road to Hana in Maui, Ruth and I renewed our vows and commitments to each other. With 40 years of history as our witness, those mutual promises flowed like honey. Each of us was beaming and feeling proud of our accomplishment.

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