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Are you at Home?

Are you at Home? Happy Holiday Season!  As we embark on this very busy time of year, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health, healing and balance. You can teach this to your beloved partner, children and friends! Give the gift of healthy relationships! First, take time upon awakening […]

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Philanthropy is not only for the rich

As we approach the holidays, many thoughts turn to making gift lists and wearing ourselves out on shopping frenzies. This pre-occupying mantra can wear us out: “What do I have to buy to show my love to my family and friends?” What if we have other thoughts? Like “Who […]

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Tips for Infusing Soul into Your Relationship

Tips for Infusing Soul into Your Relationship Jim and I just returned from our first book tour ever. What a huge learning experience! Launching our “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage” book, coaching programs, website and romantic retreats is a real calling for us. We have been dubbed Warriors for Love! We […]

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How generous are you in your relationship?

So many people seem so rushed, busy, breathless and overwhelmed. Are you feeling any of this? I have been teaching self-care, yoga, meditation, healing, wellness and soulful relationship for decades —  I too am prone to get too speedy. I ask myself: What can I call on to slow […]

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White Bird Must Fly

Looking out my window in prayer and meditation each morning, I watch the seasons. Being with old friends also helps me realize the seasons of our lives. We are preparing for a visit from our dear friends, Jere and Regina, whom we met in 1973 when we […]

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What will you embrace today?

  Are you getting enough hugs? Physical hugs are delicious, especially with someone you love, and promote healthy endorphins  and immune boosts. Do you know that emotional embraces are essential too. Practice ways to accept and honor what is happening in your current circumstances and within you. Learn how Soulful […]

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Tips to Re-Ignite Your Passion

  Energy is in the air …and in each breath.  Take a moment to enjoy a few deep inhales and exhales and feel yourself coming alive! Life energy moving through your body feels so good. Sexy feelings may arise…. Here is a special guest blog from Patti […]

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Free Hugs

Happy Spring! What a glorious blossoming of Life! Are you feeling more alive and open? I surely am. I just participated in Adventures in Transformation and feel so great! What a healthy refresher from editing our book, “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage”–which will be out soon. I […]

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Spring Cleaning on the Inside

As part of our March series “New Beginnings” we have another guest blogger. Thanks to Donna Morrish for adding her wisdom about “Spring Cleaning on the Inside”–clearing away what no longer serves you. She uses a fantastic process, Vortex healing, that speeds through layers of stuff in […]

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Build Your Bridges Back Home

Happy 2014! We hope your holiday season was fulfilling and fun! As we all embark on this new journey of intentions, promises, resolutions and commitments, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health and wellbeing. First, take time upon awakening &/or before falling asleep, for even […]

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