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Yippee and Forging Ahead for the New Year!

Happy New Year! For our first post of 2017, we decided to write this together. From Ruth: As the new year is upon us, I wish you all you wish for yourself. What do you truly desire?  Let us know how we can support you and your partner/family. For 2017, […]

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Love Habits

Stopping negative thoughts and behaviors can be tricky. Living in the trance of our programming creates a sleepy life with dull emotions and lack of luster. How can we develop “love habits?” How can we share more love with our partners and companions on the journey? Great […]

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F.R.E.S.H. Start For Your Love Life

F.R.E.S.H Start For Your Love Life by Ruth Sharon I heard a story about a young man home on leave from the Army who was impatiently standing in the grocery checkout line. The woman in front of him only had one item. His mind went off in anger. Why […]

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How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship The other day in my counseling office, a couple shared how guarded they have been about letting love flow continually. They have spurts of really “good” periods, then suspicion or hurt creep in and the doors of their hearts slam shut. Drama […]

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Are you feelin’ the love field?

Happily, beauty is all around us, in nature and in all types of artistic expression.  And in the human heart. We are free to radiate this beauty into the world and create an energetic field of love. What a lovely way to live life! Are you feelin’ it? For […]

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What will you embrace today?

  Are you getting enough hugs? Physical hugs are delicious, especially with someone you love, and promote healthy endorphins  and immune boosts. Do you know that emotional embraces are essential too. Practice ways to accept and honor what is happening in your current circumstances and within you. Learn how Soulful […]

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Do you ever feel at a loss of what to talk about?

Ted and Terry were sitting at home one evening just staring ahead. The wife told her husband, “I will call Joan to see what they were doing this evening.” Terry talked with Joan to learn that the couple was sipping tea and talking. She hung up the phone and asked […]

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Is your relationship keeping up with you?

  “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh, Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers I am so grateful for these times of transformation and awakening. What a relief to truly live my real life! I am a lover of […]

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Tips for New Beginnings to Live Well

As part of our “New Beginnings” series,  here is your chance for the fresh start you want in one area of your life.  I hope these tips are supportive. Let us know how we can serve you! You can do this activity with your lover, friend or […]

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Build Your Bridges Back Home

Happy 2014! We hope your holiday season was fulfilling and fun! As we all embark on this new journey of intentions, promises, resolutions and commitments, let me offer a simple 3-step model for health and wellbeing. First, take time upon awakening &/or before falling asleep, for even […]

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