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S is for Intimacy

For so many people these days, sex has become synonymous with intimacy, just as drinking and taking drugs have become inextricably linked with partying. In addition to sex being a potential form of intimate connection, I want to offer three other words beginning with the letter “s” […]

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Is Love Innocent?

Is Love Innocent? Reflections by Ruth Sharon Love is innocent is the title of a song by Colin Hay. What does that mean to you? What if you could be as innocent as a child? Have you hung out with a kid under five recently? Being with my almost 3-year-old […]

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Busting Myths About Couples Retreats

Busting Myths About Couples Retreats by Ruth Sharon When Jim and I invite committed couples of all ages to our retreats, we sometimes get push back. Many people say things that show me that they may not truly understand the value and benefits of a couples retreat. […]

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Pre-Nuptial and Newlywed Coaching

Coaching Programs for Pre-Nuptial Couples and Newlyweds  Build a strong foundation for your lasting, loving relationship. Create pre-nuptial agreements. Learn and practice qualities of a healthy relationship. Become more potent in communicating directly and resolving conflicts smoothly. Develop and implement an action plan to collaborate on your key goals. […]

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Public Display of Affection

  Do you like public display of affection (PDA)?  Some do, some find it offensive. What if seeing others’ love can inspire you to expand your heart, to love even more–and to desire a true love relationship ? At our Celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day,  we all […]

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Restoring High Touch

The growing tendency is toward quantity over quality of relationships, and on quick touches, with focus on numbers of “friends” on various forms of social media; crisp text messages and emails; and Evites and Send Out Cards replacing face-to-face or telephone contact.

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