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Pre-Nuptial and Newlywed Coaching

Coaching Programs for Pre-Nuptial Couples and Newlyweds  Build a strong foundation for your lasting, loving relationship. Create pre-nuptial agreements. Learn and practice qualities of a healthy relationship. Become more potent in communicating directly and resolving conflicts smoothly. Develop and implement an action plan to collaborate on your key goals. […]

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Stretch it Out!

Summer is a hot time to stretch your comfort zone with your sweetheart. Try doing some things that are perhaps risky and out of the ordinary for you both. In the process, you’ll each add vitality to your lives! Here are ten examples of exciting ways to be […]

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Who’s Poking You?

In the first of  this two-part series, we explore the annoying pokes we cope with on a daily basis. Much of this irritation may fly under our radar. Perhaps we learn to tolerate stress until symptoms become fairly flagrant. Maybe we even are so poked full of holes that […]

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Cougar on the Loose

COUGAR ON THE LOOSE! How much life quality can one possibly have at age 80 and beyond? My cougar mom Miriam (Mim), age 94.5 and her boyfriend John, recently 84, are inspirational models of YEE-HAW! in the later years of life. Many friends and acquaintances have felt […]

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Saying Good-bye

Last night I was awakened by a strong sense of unrest. What’s is this? I asked myself. As I breathed deeply, I realized that I was holding on to something. Again I asked, What is this? My breath was not flowing smoothly. I felt tension in my […]

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Is surprise in your healthy relationship?

  Are you open to a surprise? Healthy relationships are ever-changing and evolving. New feelings, thoughts, awareness, experiences and magic help us feel alive and present in Life’s Mystery. When Jim proposed to me in 1969, my body was tingling, my heart was fluttering, my eyes were wide with […]

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We Found the Soulful Couple of October

Having role models and guides along the path are always helpful. Who are yours regarding healthy relationships? Let’s shed some light on the ways couples manifest loving and sacred relationships. We included more than twenty couples in our book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage. Some of them are pictured […]

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White Bird Must Fly

Looking out my window in prayer and meditation each morning, I watch the seasons. Being with old friends also helps me realize the seasons of our lives. We are preparing for a visit from our dear friends, Jere and Regina, whom we met in 1973 when we […]

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Is your relationship keeping up with you?

  “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh, Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers I am so grateful for these times of transformation and awakening. What a relief to truly live my real life! I am a lover of […]

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It’s All In Your Hands!

“It’s All In Your Hands! How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Relationships, Fulfillment, and Success”  With Jayne Sanders Jayne Sanders is our featured guest presenter on Wed. August13, 7 pm for Soulful Couples , through our Meet Up. Be sure to save your seat for this very popular […]

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