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Busting Myths About Couples Retreats

Busting Myths About Couples Retreats by Ruth Sharon When Jim and I invite committed couples of all ages to our retreats, we sometimes get push back. Many people say things that show me that they may not truly understand the value and benefits of a couples retreat. […]

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F.R.E.S.H. Start For Your Love Life

F.R.E.S.H Start For Your Love Life by Ruth Sharon I heard a story about a young man home on leave from the Army who was impatiently standing in the grocery checkout line. The woman in front of him only had one item. His mind went off in anger. Why […]

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Weekend Getaway with Your Honey

Weekend Getaway with Your Honey by Jim Sharon Couples have often told us that they want a more satisfying relationship with their partner. Perhaps the most common complaint we hear is that couples are too busy to spend sustained quality time with each other. Busyness typically involves […]

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Pre-Nuptial and Newlywed Coaching

Coaching Programs for Pre-Nuptial Couples and Newlyweds  Build a strong foundation for your lasting, loving relationship. Create pre-nuptial agreements. Learn and practice qualities of a healthy relationship. Become more potent in communicating directly and resolving conflicts smoothly. Develop and implement an action plan to collaborate on your key goals. […]

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Infusing Your Relationship with Soul

Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet. My wife, Ruth, and I, co-authors of the book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage (SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2014) recently […]

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Five Tips for Soulful Couples

by Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon of Energy for Life Is your love getting buried under a pile of “to do’s” or under an avalanche of media messaging? Are you too often feeling disconnected from one another? Are you ready to transform your  “ordinary, good enough, we […]

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