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F.R.E.S.H. Start For Your Love Life

F.R.E.S.H Start For Your Love Life by Ruth Sharon I heard a story about a young man home on leave from the Army who was impatiently standing in the grocery checkout line. The woman in front of him only had one item. His mind went off in anger. Why […]

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Pre-Nuptial and Newlywed Coaching

Coaching Programs for Pre-Nuptial Couples and Newlyweds  Build a strong foundation for your lasting, loving relationship. Create pre-nuptial agreements. Learn and practice qualities of a healthy relationship. Become more potent in communicating directly and resolving conflicts smoothly. Develop and implement an action plan to collaborate on your key goals. […]

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Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season! by Ruth Sharon Do you get really tired and somewhat grouchy at holiday time? Even though you may have lots of fun, you can also get stressed and worn-down. Staying healthy, balanced and focused at the end of year can be […]

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Thank you so much – expressing gratitude!

Thank you so much! by Ruth Sharon “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” -William Arthur Ward Thank you so much for your lovely friendship and support. Jim and I are so grateful to you! Our Energy for Life […]

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 Soul Mates  by Jim Sharon Today, as I periodically like to do, I want to write a personal blog. I’m seeking to publicly share my heart-filled joy, and in the process, to touch you more than to teach you. My entire being is thrilled to be marking […]

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Foundations of a Healthy Relationship

The other day I was grocery shopping and ran into a man I hadn’t seen in many months. We greeted each other cordially, then he inquired, “Where is your other half?” I jokingly looked to each of my sides and behind me and remarked, “Oh Frank, I […]

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Tips to Connect Emotionally With Your Partner

  While women are often hungry for emotional connection with their male partners, many guys are threatened by it. Let’s look at some of the attitudes and behaviors that can bridge the gap. No matter what your age, here are guidelines to connect emotionally: As with attaining […]

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I get it, I hear you. 5 Tips for Emotional Intelligence in your Relationship

“I get it, I hear you” may sound like music to your ears. I notice couples often miss each other in hasty or unconscious communication and then feel resentful, blame the other person and fight uselessly. Do you know you can actually improve your “Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?”  I just […]

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Family and friends joined Ruth and me in basking in the joy and festivities of our son’s and new daughter’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. The strong consensus among the guests, who came from as far away as Denmark and British Columbia, was that the four-day celebration was […]

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Joy is Here!

  Good news! Joy is here, whenever you call on her! Taking time to slow down, relax and enjoy life is a fine art. As you experience more inner joy, you can share this radiance with your partner, family, friends, coworkers. The soul’s true happiness lies in […]

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