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Philanthropy is not only for the rich

As we approach the holidays, many thoughts turn to making gift lists and wearing ourselves out on shopping frenzies. This pre-occupying mantra can wear us out: “What do I have to buy to show my love to my family and friends?” What if we have other thoughts? Like “Who […]

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Are you a Parent with Passion?

I hear the stories almost every day from clients of how they struggle with being passionate and sexy, being so busy parenting children and looking out for their aging parents. Even without raising children, many are too busy, stressed or tired to engage in intimate connection with their […]

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Parenting with Soul

After celebrating a lovely Memorial Weekend, I feel so blessed and grateful to be the mother of three wonderful children and grandmother to two precious granddaughters. As I reflect on my many years of parenting, I know what I did well and what I struggled with. I know […]

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2016 Best in Category: Relationship Coaching

Jim and Ruth Sharon

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