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Vive La Difference!

“Live and let live” was one of my mother’s mottos–a laissez faire, nonjudgmental ideal for relating to others. Clearly, each of us is challenged daily in dealing with people’s differing personalities, beliefs, values, interests and so forth. Given our often-vast array of individual differences, how can we be compatible […]

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Love Habits

Stopping negative thoughts and behaviors can be tricky. Living in the trance of our programming creates a sleepy life with dull emotions and lack of luster. How can we develop “love habits?” How can we share more love with our partners and companions on the journey? Great […]

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F.R.E.S.H. Start For Your Love Life

F.R.E.S.H Start For Your Love Life by Ruth Sharon I heard a story about a young man home on leave from the Army who was impatiently standing in the grocery checkout line. The woman in front of him only had one item. His mind went off in anger. Why […]

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Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season! by Ruth Sharon Do you get really tired and somewhat grouchy at holiday time? Even though you may have lots of fun, you can also get stressed and worn-down. Staying healthy, balanced and focused at the end of year can be […]

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A Look at the Big “D”

The August 2013 pre-Whole Man Expo program featured a dynamic presentation by Brett “Zach” Zachman, the founder of the nonprofit group BE Men: The Brotherhood. Following Zach’s slide show and lecture, “Divorce is Just the Beginning!” the evenly-divided group of men and women openly shared attitudes and […]

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What Women Want from Men

  On July 10,  my wife, Ruth, and I hosted the monthly Pre-Whole Man Expo program “What Conscious Women Want from Men,” a repeat of the dynamic and evocative panel program held at our first Whole Man Expo in 2011. The recent panel was comprised of three […]

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