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Secrets of a Soulful Marriage

Secrets of a Soulful Marriage

Need help communicating?

Feeling like you’re drifting apart?

Going through family changes?

We invite you to participate in couples coaching or counseling with Jim and/or Ruth Sharon.  Attend our special interactive programs or retreats, devoted to celebrating and enhancing your relationship with your partner.

We’ll guide you to

  • Affirm the strengths and beauty of your unique relationship
  • Identify and release barriers to marital intimacy
  • Develop attitudes and skills for improving communication and conflict resolution
  • Discover greater acceptance and appreciation of yourself and your partner
  • Learn key qualities of an enduring soulful relationship

As licensed psychotherapists, each with 40 years of professional experience, Jim and Ruth Sharon have coached thousands of couples. Since the 1980’s, they have led many relationship seminars and retreats, and recently co-authored the ground-breaking  book, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage. Married since 1970, they have raised three adult children, and have two granddaughters.

Watch this video of couples sharing their Secrets of a Soulful Marriage.

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Jim and Ruth Sharon

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