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Soulful Couples Coaching

with Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon

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Are you a…

  • Prenuptial or newlywed couple building a solid foundation for your marriage?

  • Couple going through a relationship transition?

  • Couple struggling with relationship challenges or conflicts?

  • Committed couple seeking more in your relationship?


Guidance for Prenuptial and Newlywed Couples

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      • Design pre-nuptial relationship agreements.
      • Learn and practice qualities of a soulful relationship.
      • Become more potent in communicating directly and resolving conflicts smoothly.
      • Devise an action plan to collaborate on your goals and dreams.

Coaching for Couples in Transition or in Challenging Adjustments

  • Health issues; grief and loss
  • Relocation and/or career change
  • Second or third marriage
  • Love in the Empty Nest

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Coaching for Established Couples

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Ask yourself …

Is my love getting buried under a pile of  “to do’s” or distractions?

Do I spend less enjoyable time with my partner?

Is my communication devolving into complaints, demands or criticisms?

Am I dragging the past into current conversations and situations ?



Jim and Ruth Sharon are your expert guides, in person (Denver area) or by phone,  to…

  • Create better balance in your self-care and couple-care, even when you are so busy with work and family.
  • Clear past concerns, issues and patterns.
  • Discuss challenging topics such as sex, money, parenting, values and future goals.
  • Share more delightful, intimate moments and satisfying activities.

Let’s transform your “ordinary, good enough, we get along” relationship to a radiant masterpiece—a tribute to your souls. Unleash the best in yourself and in your partner! Create and sustain a loving, sacred relationship. Live in more rooms of your Mansion of Love! 

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