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For your upcoming meeting, conference, retreat, or group event, let Jim and Ruth Sharon Jim and Ruth Sharoninspire, inform and transform your audience with their speaking services. Their engaging, interactive style is brimming with wisdom, humor, compassion and joy.

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We offer interactive presentations to enhance relationship skills on the following topics. Or we can customize a presentation for your needs!

Peace at Home, Success at Work

Tension or conflict with your mate often detracts from your concentration and productivity at work. By developing clear communication skills and closer connection with your partner, you can significantly increase your effectiveness on the job.

The Dance of Speaking and Listening

Constructive communication and conflict resolution skills are the hallmark of a flourishing relationship. Identify your communication style and learn various additional ways to artfully balance speaking and listening with your partner. Also, gain vital understanding and practice for peacefully resolving conflicts.

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Learn key qualities that contribute to a strong love relationship, including ways to balance self-care and couple-care. Participate in activities that promote a more satisfying and meaningful connection with your partner. Expand your repertoire of mutually enjoyable ways to engage with each other.

Creating a Sacred Love Relationship

Spiritual focus is the foundation of many fulfilled and enduring relationships. During this non-dogmatic presentation, discover a wide variety of ways to enhance spiritual connection and soulfulness with your partner.

Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon, Founders of Energy for Life

  • Counselors and coaches for four decades; married since 1970; raised three adult children
  • Noted speakers for businesses, agencies and organizations nationally and in Canada
  • Uplifting presenters who encourage new perspectives, skills and attitudes
  • Experts for couples and singles to create and sustain loving, sacred relationships
  • Members of the International Coaching Federation
  • Pioneers in the wellness movement, with a wealth of tools for healthier living

Jim and Ruth Sharon speaking services

You can read Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon’s latest book Secrets of a Soulful Marriage, SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2014.
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