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 Jim Sharon’s Client Testimonials

Dr. Jim Sharon is a highly intuitive and sensitive counselor. His ability to get to the core of his client’s issues and bring about healing is phenomenal. For both personal and relationship issues, he is an outstanding advocate and merits the highest rating!”

– D.K., College Instructor

I was continually impressed with Dr. Sharon’s knowledge and understanding of many aspects of human psychology. He is a great teacher who evoked new experiences at every session. Additionally, Jim is a highly spiritual and intuitive man and his work flows out from this core.”

– P.R., Psychotherapist and Television Show Host

Dr. James Sharon has helped me to reduce stress, gain strength, both mental and physical, and focus on my family in a more meaningful way. He has provided a well-measured and tailored approach for me to live my life with true purpose. Thanks for your candor, Doc.”

– K.K., Insurance Agent

I highly recommend working with Dr. Sharon! He opened up a new dimension to my thinking. During coaching, I realized that my own little world was just a very small component of a far more interesting, larger universe.”

– C.G., Internal Auditor

What has impressed me most about Dr. Sharon’s approach is his clarity of thinking and communication. Jim has a great deal of wisdom regarding personal effectiveness. Each session was characterized by his genuine interest in my well-being.”

– J.M., Corporate Consultant

Ruth Sharon’s Client Testimonials

In her beautiful genuineness and clarity, Ruth serves as a compassionate mirror for others. She has great integrity and a keen desire to serve.”

– M.H., executive assistant

Ruth is psychically gifted and able to “see” into others. She has helped my family immensely with some very difficult challenges. I view her purpose and essence as being a world-class healer, teacher and spiritual guide. In the process, she is helping to elevate society and speed the progress of human evolution.”

– D.C., Events Coordinator

I have experienced Ruth to be very present, caring and easy to connect with. She is also passionate about the work that she does with her clients. I highly recommend her as a Wellness Coach!”

– K.M. Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Ruth Sharon is a fabulous resource for coaching and counseling. Whether you have health issues, personal issues or want a deeper and richer relationship in your life, Ruth offers counseling and coaching that will move you forward and give you tools and skills to make changes and make a difference. She not only is good with adults’ issues, but also with kids. One of my teenage daughters has seen her and found the experience very worthwhile. So if you are stuck, frustrated or just want to take yourself to a higher level in your life, seek out Ruth for a consultation. You will be glad you did!”

– L.S., Author, Speaker, Self-Publishing Expert

Speaking and Seminars:

Ruth was a speaker for my organization and did a fabulous presentation that was interactive, uplifting, and of value to those in attendance. She offers counseling, coaching and consulting services and products as the owner of her business Energy for Life. Whether you want to consult with her or purchase a meditation or yoga CD/DVD, she offers resources and support that you can enjoy. I recommend her as a speaker and will be booking her again in the future.”

– L.S., Women’s Networking Leader

Ruth is an amazing speaker, trainer, and presenter! It has been my pleasure to work with Ruth Sharon on many occasions. I have seen her speak to groups small and large. She is always engaging and energetic. She is sensitive to her audience and while flexible in her approach she always delivers on message and with significant impact. I strongly recommend Ruth as a speaker, presenter, or trainer; any organization would be lucky to have her as part of their program.”

– L.B., Team Leader

I typically left Jim’s early morning classes with an unexpected sense of peacefulness that often remained throughout the day and changed my perspective on what really matters. I highly recommend Dr. Sharon’s Inner Practices for Wellness seminar.”

– D.R., Chiropractor

Having known Jim Sharon for years, I knew he would be a perfect match for our group. During a week-long retreat, Inner Practices for Wellness provided a variety of techniques and disciplines–something for everyone in our varied group. The participants had a positive response and indicated that they had learned much that would benefit them in their everyday lives. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to benefit from Jim’s knowledge and years of experience.”

– M.E., Education Coordinator

Secrets of a Soulful Marriage

My husband and I attended Secrets of a Soulful Marriage early in our marriage. Jim and Ruth created a nurturing, authentic environment and facilitated a rich, unique path for each couple who attended. I learned new communication skills and gained insight about myself and my husband that allowed “walls” to come down and closeness to emerge. I highly recommend this retreat for all couples looking to support and strengthen their relationship.”

– K.M., Massage Therapist

Jim and Ruth are great facilitators who are skilled at bringing out members of the group. As a direct result of my participation, my marriage has greatly improved, my house is clean and organized, and I sleep better at night.”

– L.S., Weight Watchers Leader

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Jim and Ruth Sharon

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