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Who is Energy for Life?

Energy For Life pathway to wellness and love
Jim and Ruth Sharon are dedicated to guiding people in developing attitudes, skills and actions to make life more enjoyable, healthy, productive and meaningful. As founders of Energy for Life, they provide wellness-based coaching, counseling and consulting services. With wisdom and compassion, they blend psychology, holistic health and spiritual enhancement.

Jim is a licensed psychologist, Ruth serves as a licensed professional counselor and yoga teacher. They are both expert relationship coaches, as well as meditation and healing guides. Their latest of four books, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining A Loving, Sacred Relationship is a springboard for national coaching, speaking, retreats and online courses.

How it began

Jim and Ruth Sharon opened a private counseling practice and holistic health center in 1976. Later, in addition to counseling, they established The AFDA Group, Inc. in 1989 to offer consulting and training in peaceful conflict resolution. Based on Ruth’s original AFDA Model, they guided people from all walks of life to heal relationships and carve new paths for their lives. Energy for Life emerged from The AFDA Group, Inc. in 2006 to reflect the Sharons’ focus on overall well-being and healthy relationships. They are “Warriors for Love,”  devoted to elevating love to higher vibrations to serve more people.

Married since 1970, the Sharons reside in Centennial, CO, a suburb of Denver, where they raised three adult children and have two grandchildren.

Jim and Ruth Sharon

How we got here

As true pioneers in the wellness and holistic health movements, the Sharons humbly founded and directed the Greeley Center for Human Development in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s, Jim and Ruth helped to establish the Colorado Holistic Health Network.

As independent consultants for the past four decades, Jim and Ruth have offered programs and guidance to numerous businesses, organizations and agencies.  They have also offered national and state programs on practical aspects of healthy lifestyles and relationships.

Jim and Ruth Sharon delight in facilitating practical and inspirational approaches for healing and vitality. Growing a conscious community for Soulful Couples is their passion.

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Jim and Ruth Sharon

Our focus is wholeness. We guide you to enrich your life. Our commitment, compassion and wisdom ease the way for you.